The death of Tintagiles End – Series 82 (WYOMING)

Registred: 26/06/2021 11:51 UTC

The Copyright is registered as a Wyoming LLC company based upon smart-contract:

NB! Buying an NFT gives you the right to buy the lease of 1 CopyrightShare for ten years.
To be clear: You will receive royalties from any digital play on the internet according to how many CopyrightShares you process.
Each NFT will, in its own right, be a valuable collector’s item as it is the first Copyright registration based upon a smart contract and will receive a dividend (aka royalties) accordingly.

This is the legal entity (from 1st July 2021) that governance the right to receive a dividend (aka royalties)from any use worldwide. Purpose of Copyright registration: The copyright registration has been created to engage in any and all other lawful activities and transactions as may be necessary, advisable, or desirable, as determined by the Manager, in its sole discretion, to carry out the foregoing or any reasonably related activities.

What’s in it for the copyright owner?

  1. No state taxes
  2. Asset protection and limited liability
  3. Members nor Managers are not listed with the state
  4. Best asset protection laws
  5. No citizenship requirements
  6. Perpetual life
  7. Transferability of ownership
  8. Ability to build credit & raise capital
  9. The number of owners is unlimited